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Market (2019) // Boot (2019) // Street / Bar (2019) // Deur (2019) // Zuiderzeesilhouetten (2018) // Garden (2018) // Iboyah (2018) // Since I see myself over there (2018) // Oyfn veg shteyt a boym (2017) // We'll meet again (2017) // We are here (2016) // Marionet (2015) // Audiovisual compositions (2014-2017)
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50 min, 2018
In coproduction with Simone van der Steen
(Photos: Johan Pijpops and Axel Himburg)

Due to the mirror, I discover myself absent at the place where I am, since I see myself over there. From the gaze which settles on me, as it were, I come back to myself and I begin once more to direct my eyes toward myself and to reconstitute myself there where I am. - Different Spaces, Michel Foucault

[ENG] The performance
Since I see myself over there examines identity and the boundaries between ourselves and the other, based on documentary stories in a world where human enhancement becomes increasingly common.
[NL] De performance Since I see myself over there onderzoekt identiteit en de grens tussen onszelf en de ander, aan de hand van documentaire verhalen in een wereld waarin de mens steeds maakbaarder wordt.